Tailor-made financial mechanisms

Achieve your expected returns and restore a landscape
Financial returns

Investing in an LR project should not be scary! Many ways exist to profit while providing local communities with valuable assets.

Socio-economic returns

A restoration project can have a significant impact on the livelihoods of local communities, depending on the landscape

Environmental returns

A restored landscape will show a healthier ecosystem, providing more stability, CO2-sequestration, better water quality, but also an increase in tourism.

Corporate image

Your company cares about restoring and maintaining landscapes. By supporting LR projects the world can see that – and show you its appreciation.

Do the project matchmaking test


How does it work

Matchmaker in Landscape Restoration
Landscape restoration projects find funding - and vice versa

Landscape Connection has made an inventory of financial mechanisms around landscape restoration projects, and their underlying conditions.

A project needs to meet certain conditions in order to access funding, and several forms of funding require specific projects. We can help you match a project with the right type of funders, or to provide you as an investor with financial mechanisms most likely to suit your needs.

The project matchmaking test allows potential investors and initiators to fill out their expectations and expertise. After doing the test, you will have one or more financial mechanisms at your disposal, together with some examples from the field.